Technical Reports and Preprints

X10 for Productivity and Performance at Scale: A Submission to the 2012 HPC Class II Challange
Tardieu, Grove, Bloom, Cunningham, Herta, Kambadur, Saraswat, Shinnar, Takeuchi, and Vaziri
IBM Research Report RC25334. October 2012.
A Parallel and Concurrent Real-time Compacting Garbage Collector for Multiprocessors
McCloskey, Bacon, Cheng, and Grove
IBM Research Report RC24505.
TuningFork: Visualization, Analysis and Debugging of Complex Real-time Systems
Bacon, Cheng, Frampton, and Grove
IBM Research Report RC24162.
Architecture and Policy for Adaptive Optimization in Virtual Machines
Arnold, Fink, Grove, Hind, and Sweeney
IBM Research Report RC23429.
Frameworks for Intra- and Interprocedural Dataflow Analysis
Chambers, Dean, and Grove
UW-CSE TR 96-11-02.
Whole-Program Optimization of Object-Oriented Languages
Chambers, Dean, and Grove
UW-CSE TR 96-06-02.
Expressive, Efficient Instance Variables
Dean, Grove, Chambers, and Litvinov
Unpublished Manuscript, 1996.